Arms Around Morris County
Arms Around Morris County seeks to address community needs through various outreach programs.
In September, we provided backpacks filled with school supplies to some of the poorest children in the area.
Our Thanksgiving outreach plan is to provide boxes of food to single parent households living at, or below, the poverty level.  As we know, it’s difficult enough for two-income households to manage these days, so imagine how much more difficult it is for a single parent household.  At Arms Around Morris County, we hope to be able to share part of the burden in some small way, reminding those in need that they're not alone... that people care.
What are Doing this Fall?
Our Christmas outreach plan is to provide financial assistance two groups of people. 
First, we want to focus on the women and children living in fear in our local battered women’s shelters.  These women have finally escaped abusive situations, yet most leave with just the clothes on their backs.  As they struggle to rebuild their lives, Arms Around Morris County is working to provide a happier Christmas or Hanukkah for their traumatized children by providing gift cards, which they can use to purchase gifts and necessary items.
We're also focusing on single-mother-led household living at or below the poverty level in our area by providing gift cards so that mothers can purchase Christmas or Hanukkah presents for their children.  Of course, this doesn't provide long-term relief, but many of these mothers are so burdened by their inability to buy gifts for their children.  It also reminds them that they're not alone... that they're not forgotten.